Diarrhea of a Madman

Not tested on animals.

10 March 1975
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My name is Tom and I live in the lovely Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

I am an Air Force veteran and I work as a computer tech in the public school system.

I have occasional delusions of becoming a sculptor in 28mm scale.

I am married to the most wonderful woman on Earth and we are lucky enough to live with Huggy Bear, Baby, Fizgig, Biznitch and Princess Shiznit. Huggy is a champion breeding cat who has chosen our home for her retirement. Baby is a spaz and is also known in some circles as Bobo Skettipuss. Fiz & Biz are two years old and eternally kittens. Princess Shiznit is an actual kitten and delights in wreaking havoc on our house and the other cats.

In my (non-existant) spare time, I enjoy sculpting, painting, roleplaying games, and reading. I have enjoyed reading comic books for about 25 years now.