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Thargag Tell Story Part 12!

Jill ran her twelth Scarred lands game last night! It was great! Not only did we have the usual crew, but Rebello stopped by and played! He played the drunken and lecherous Father Doral and it was a real stretch for him. ;)

I will place the full Journal behind a cut to spare non-gamers and anone with a weak stomach. Although it may be fun to click and just look at the pictures. That's right, this journal includes PICTURES!!! Get excited!

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Savage Scarred Lands last night

"Wow. All I can say is wow!"
- Jake Morgendorfer

Last night's games was...something else. (damn fun, mind you)
It started a little slow, through no fault of the GM's. We like a fast-paced game and this is a pre-written, published adventure. I know for a fact that Fluffaderm edited out a lot of tedious stuff before we played. Still, a lot of mundane hoops to jump through before we could do the fun stuff like meeting cool NPC and blowing stuff up.

Anyway, Tharag's Journal is behind the cut, below. One thing that is not in there, that I am very proud of is something said by another Player last night.

He was trying to see into a room on the (dry erase) map. Everyone's miniature was on the map. At the front of the marching order was (of course) Tharag. The Player said to the GM, "Is there a door? I can't see around Tharag."

The Tharag miniature was actually blocking his view! I was so proud!

Ok, the Journal...

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Using what I've got

I've been trying to spend less money, lately. Specifically, I'm trying to spend less money on stuff I don't actually need, like RPG books, miniatures, CDs, DVDs, etc...

As far as Miniatures goes, the Painting Pledge has been huge. Even when you consider that the only rules of the Pledge are the ones I make myself follow and that accumulating points in the Painting Pledge will get me nothing in and of itself, it just works for me.

I am so loathe to "pay" the negative points for buying miniatures, that I don't buy them anymore. Or at least not frequently. I am so eager to earn imaginary points for painting my mini's and completeing projects that I've organized a weekly painting night!

To top it all off, more than one person that we know is prone to just up and mailing me a box full of new miniatures every now and then! It does not suck to be me.

DVDs and CDs were the easiest to cut down on. We and our friends frequently loan DVDs to each other and Jill & I still have dozens that we have not even watched once yet! And there haven't been a lot of CDs coming out lately that I really want.

Almost all of the comic shops near me closed in the past few years. The only one left is on a busy stretch of Rt 126, and so is inconvenient to go to, despite being close to my house. So that means that it was easy to stop buying comics that honestly weren't all that great, more often than not (I still love the Ultimates titles, but I can get those in TPB form, preferably with gift certificates).

So that just leaves my RPG buying habits. Well, I think I've got those in check as well. Last Spring, I returned those four boxes of books to White Wolf/SSS and saved them a lot of hassle and money. They were very grateful and gave me a box FULL of hardcover RPG books!

And so these have become my "new" RPG books. When I feel like buying a new RPG book, I just pull one of these off the shelf. I like to have an RPG book in the reading room (bathroom). Sitting in my special reading chair, I've read through Tome of Horrors III, Complete Book of Eldritch Might and am part of the way into Engel. And I've still got the entire library of 2nd edition Exalted stuff to go through!

Also, also, we bought so much from the Alpha Forge booth at OGC Con (Jill bought an entire Hydrissian army), that we got a free copy of the rules which I also read.

Also, also, also, my sculpting mentor just recently sent me some cool RPG stuff he got as swag-trade at GenCon. I can look forward to reading the Hall of Many Panes at some point in the future...

Add to this the fact that I know we have at least a half dozen gaming books that I either have not read or have merely skimmed and it's baffling to think that I would have even bought an RPG book ever again!!!

But of course I will. ;)

Just not as many. And when I buy my next RPG book, it's going to be something I REALLY want. Like the upcoming Warhammer 40K RPG. But that's not due until March 07. Until then, I plan on enjoying what I've got. The really nice part is that all of these books that I've listed aren't just for reading. I'm going to play. Maybe not the exact games in the books. Almost certainly not the same system. But I plan on robbing every source of inspiration I can get my hands on. The bookshelves in my library and groaning under the weight of one hell of a head start.

I'm using what I've got.

Have a good night, my peeps.
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Sam Kobold, PI

It was a dark and stormy night...

Actually, it wasn't. But I'd always wanted to start off a story like that. In truth, it wasn't even raining unless you counted the thimblefull of hooch I'd just spilled. Yeah, I said thimble. When you're a kobold, you've got to pace yourself.

And that's me, a kobold. Sam Kobold, PI. I can hear you laughing but you'd be amazed how many clues are hiding below eye level.

So there I was, on my scaly little knees, trying to clean up some perfectly good two dollar hooch. Then I hear someone clear their throat, by the door. My first reflex is to look over at my desk, in the drawer where I keep my gat. I hate to use the thing but I gave Hoots the night off and security is...well, me.

I take a deep breath and look up at my visitor. It's a good thing I'm already on the floor. It's a human, a suicide blond with expensive shoes and long legs that go all the way up to Heaven.

I realized where my snout must be pointing and quickly got to my feet. I offered her my claw, "Sam Kobold."

"Oh, I know Mr. Kobold. I know all about you and your reputation. That's why I'm here, I need your help."

Uh oh. She knows me by reputation. I've got a reputation all right. A reputation as a down-and-out investigator trying to make ends meet. A private dick who takes the low publicity jobs to make the rent.

This human had money. I was in a lot of trouble...
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Well, I got a lot done this morning.

I finished painting the Invocation of Flame that I've been working on for days. I also cranked out another painted generic horse while I was at it.

More importantly, I got all my resume stuff done.
-I organized and reviewed all of the feedback my friends gave me on the resume.
- I updated my resume as appropriate.
- I Emailed my resume off to my friend who may have spots open at his company.
- I Emailed the same friends' headhunter who already might have an opportunity for me.
- I submitted at the online HR site for a different friend, for a position that I >hope< I'm qualified for.
- I followed up with an Email to that friend, seeing as he's the guy who reccomended me for employment there.

We'll see what comes of all this. Something, I hope. Work has been going from bad to worse lately and I hear even worse shit is yet to come.

Enjoy the remainer of your weekend, my peeps.
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