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[Steampunk] Awesome game last night!

Boy, am I glad I added godsmackgirl and daywalker84 to the Steampunk game! Case in point: they were the only Players to show up last night! (apart from Jill, of course)

We had two scheduled absences, one last minute cancellation and one no-show. But instead of a canceled game, we had an AWESOME one! Certainly one of my favorites of all the games I've run.

I finally brought the PCs inside of 800 Fingers. I'd like to think it was very, very awful for them and more than one of them told me they were scared (and one of the characters was scared as well). ;)

But they got who they went there for, even though it almost cost Rupert his life and Hemlock is now...blue. But Tonks the wold Hybrid is now jacked and two of the Players hit Legendary!

Next stops: Heaven & Hell!
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