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Very sharp Solaris\UNIX guy, up for grabs

Hey Internet peoples, my good friend from my Air Force days just moved back to the US from Australia.

He is a Solaris\UNIX guy with over a decade of IT experience. I used to work with him in Space Command, back in the 90s.

Anyway, he's looking for work and he's willing to relocate to find it.

If you're hiring, or you know someone who is, you can't go wrong with this guy. I have his resume and can email it to you upon request.

Thanks for reading.
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Saturday was a nightmare

So, I'm not sure what went wrong with my CPAP Friday night. It was either leaking or I took it off in my "sleep", or something.

As a result, I didn't actually sleep that night. No REM sleep, since I have Sleep Apnea and all.

So, Saturday, I was dead on my feet but could not fall asleep, take a nap or figure out why I was cranky and furious and depressed.

Poor Jill had to deal with me all day, too. That must have been a treat.

I couldn't focus on anything, couldn't really read or watch tv or do anything that took concentration. I even made several bad food choices that only made me feel worse.

When I realized what was happening (hours into the day), I managed to thoroughly clean my CPAP gear, shave my face (for a good seal) and change all the sheets on my bed.

Last night, I slept well and I feel like a person again today. Yay!
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[Steampunk] Awesome game last night!

Boy, am I glad I added godsmackgirl and daywalker84 to the Steampunk game! Case in point: they were the only Players to show up last night! (apart from Jill, of course)

We had two scheduled absences, one last minute cancellation and one no-show. But instead of a canceled game, we had an AWESOME one! Certainly one of my favorites of all the games I've run.

I finally brought the PCs inside of 800 Fingers. I'd like to think it was very, very awful for them and more than one of them told me they were scared (and one of the characters was scared as well). ;)

But they got who they went there for, even though it almost cost Rupert his life and Hemlock is But Tonks the wold Hybrid is now jacked and two of the Players hit Legendary!

Next stops: Heaven & Hell!
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"Oh, bitch! You my number one..."

I have been trying to stay updated here lately but I'm just too busy right now.

I thought maybe I'd post progress on Jill's recovery. Nah, she's doing great.
Maybe a post on gaming (or lack thereof)?
I could post my total lack of painting lately.
I could post about work, my old job, my new job...

Then I realized that my whole life right now can be easily summed up by watching this video:

WARNING: If you are at work, don't watch this, espescially with your sound up!

Chicken and waffles, my peeps...chicken and waffles.
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Give me the boot!

Does anyone have an old ski boot that they no longer nned? Maybe something you were going to throw out and never got to it?

It can be any size. I just need the one.

Let me know and thanks. :)

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Rat Cages

Does anyone need some nice rat cages? We have three medium-to-large ones that need a good home.

Actually, one is a bird cage and was the easiest of all to use for rats.

Anyway, if you need one (or more) or know someone who does, please contact me.

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You Know You Want It

Tharag's latest journal, that is. ;)

I'll throw it behind the cut. Before I do, however, here is a quick picture I snapped during the game. There was a big map and lots of combat. Good shit!

And with no futher ado...

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Birthdays and MA Life

Bah! Another cold and blustery Massachusetts day. Freezing cold out there!

Happy birthday to Tirianmal!

And Happy Birthday to my best friend, partner in crime, love of my life and reason for living. (you know her as Fluffaderm)

Ok, back to frenzied cleaning for me!!!
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Nevermind the bollocks, it's Gospog!

Transform and roll out!
So I went and checked out the Transformers movie trailer this morning. Holy shit! Is it July yet? Even if the movie itself sucks, the effects look completely bad-ass!

Busy day today, and only got in 42 minutes on the treadmill. I also ran out of Batman Beyond episodes. Time for Reno 911.

The Temptation of the Gospog
I went and picked up raw milk this morning. I had to see the little marmalade kitty that was pick three out of 2 when we got Fizgig and Biznitch. In other words, we couldn't take him (5 is too many!). Well, I almost took him today! He's so adorable. I'd name him "Krunk". Then we'd have Fizgig, Biznitch and Krunk. Decent. Ah well.

Opportunity Knocks?
We'll see. Spoke with another recruiter today who found me on She has a few Project Management spots on tap and I'll meet with her Thursday.

The Holiday Season Almost Over
Well, this weekend marks the end of the holidays around here. We're going out with a bang! It's Jill's birthday tomorrow!!!

Have a good day, my peeps.
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